United Lisen Education Centre maintains a world-class team of English instructors. We invite you to read on to learn more about our English teachers.

Our Valuable IELTS Teachers


Named a “Gold medal” English teacher at the New Oriental School in China, Christine specializes in helping students prepare for their IELTS exams. Christine has a diverse teaching background and she’s one of our experts in teaching practical and effective IELTS preparation skills, conversational English and English for use in the business world.

Christine has taught English in a range of different settings, including secondary schools, universities and private companies. Popular among the students, Christine excels at helping students as they work to refine their skills and improve their grades tremendously. She’s known for her enthusiastic and light-hearted attitude.

She has also received many accolades and awards. She won the National Quality-oriented Education and English Proficiency Competition, and she has worked as an interpreter for many business conferences and business negotiation sessions. She has also been involved in designing, planning and editing curriculum, teaching materials and even some popular textbooks.

Christine has attended many lectures and seminars, held by some of the world’s top linguistics experts. She also leverages a very thorough understanding of the cultural differences between Asian and Western societies.


Faye has an international background both as a student and a teacher. She completed her secondary education in Singapore, and pursued her higher education in the United States. Graduated with a Master’s degree in Foreign Language Education from New York University, Faye is specialized in second language acquisition and bilingual education. During her studies in New York, she had visited and observed various ESL (English as a Second Language) and bilingual programs in both public and private schools.

Faye participated in the New York International Conference on Teaching Chinese as a volunteer interpreter. Faye has worked at top international schools both in the United States and Singapore. Faye is keen on learner-centered Communicative Language Teaching (CLT). Through task-based and meaning context, she makes foreign and second language teaching and learning engaging and effective.


Having taught in New Oriental School and ABC Foreign Language School, he has developed a professional teaching attitude and passionate teaching style, which are deeply liked and appreciated by his students. He obtained his master’s degree of information systems in Nanyang Technological University. His years’ of researching and teaching experience on IELTS enables him to easily and accurately identify students’ weaknesses and problems, and help them to improve accordingly. Peng is adept at solving students’ problems with his humorous and flexible teaching, boosting their self-confidence and stimulating their interest in English while bringing their English to a higher level.


William major in English interpretation and translation in the university. After his graduation, he has been working for both the government and foreign-invested companies as a full-time interpreter and translator engaging in both consecutive interpreting and simultaneous interpreting for a few years. He has been doing interpreting for both government officials and international entrepreneurs for over totally 100 times of meetings, business negotiation, workshops etc. He is into British literature. Besides, he is a big fan of public speaking, a current member of Toastermaster Club, an international speech club. He has a strong interest in teaching English in a creative approach. And of course, he is very patient when answering all the questions from my students.


Having finished her postgraduate studies, Julie graduated from Nanyang Technological University National Institute of Education with a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. She is an experienced English teacher with passion for Education, especially for teaching English as a second and foreign language. As a certified English teacher with years of experience specializing in PTE, IELTS, and TOEFL training, as well as helping students improve their general English skills, Julie is able to deliver engaging, coherent lectures and motivating lessons to students and utilize pedagogical and learning methodology in the planning and delivery of lessons.