About United Lisen

Based in Singapore, United Lisen Education Centre is regarded as one of Singapore’s best IELTS English language learning centres.

At United Lisen Education Centre, our goal is to provide top quality English learning courses to students of all ability levels. We’re committed to maintaining a student-oriented approach. As such, our professional instructors work to provide a comprehensive array of courses to suit a range of different ability levels. We’re also extremely well-versed in the challenges that Chinese-speakers and other Asian students face when learning how to speak English.

We specialize in helping students to refine their English speaking skills, in addition to their written English and English comprehension skills. We offer preparation courses for the complete range of IELTS, such as: exam preparation skill course for IELTS including: IELTS speaking, IELTS writing, IELTS reading and IELTS listening. In addition we also provide General English, Oral/Spoken English courses and Business English training courses. Our experienced instructors utilize a variety of resources and methods to teach our students.

Our Mission

At United Lisen Education Centre, our mission is to provide every student with the instruction to become fluent English speakers. Whether it’s for business, travel, for school or for personal enrichment, we provide the high quality tutorials that students need to learn how to speak, read and write English.

Our Vision

At United Lisen Education Centre, we understand that each student is unique. Each student comes to our instructors with unique abilities, challenges and learning styles.

It is our belief that each and every student can learn how to speak, read and write English when provided with the right instruction! It is our goal to provide practical instruction in a way that suits each student’s needs and learning style. We strive to maintain our status as Singapore’s premiere English learning institution.

Our Core Values

We believe that learning English should be an enjoyable, rewarding process, so our team goes the extra mile to ensure our students are receiving the attention they need to thrive in their English academics.